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Décor to suit your soul (fine lighting furniture decor)

Essential Design are the creators of fine lighting, furniture and décor accessories. We manufacture our desirable chandeliers and lights in Durban, and ship countrywide.

Our artisans exclusively design and manufacture South Africa’s most anticipated, top quality chandeliers, lanterns, pendants and wall sconces, as well as high end furniture and bespoke pieces. We have a very talented team who transform client’s ideas into statements for the home.

Our outdoor lighting is highly varied and caters for most tastes. We offer options in galvanised mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

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Our Latest Products

We are based in Gillitts, KZN, and have been producing beautiful furniture and lights in Durban since 1995.

Our workmanship is of the finest standard and we can manufacture your décor items to suit your requirements. Essential Design is the ideal solution to most of your décor needs. Please browse our extensive catalogue of lighting and furniture.

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