Simple Range – Essential Design

Over the years Essential Design has come to realize that while bespoke lighting is beautiful, it tends to be very exclusive which is perfect for those clients looking for pieces that aren’t in every other home. The problem is that there are many people out there looking for something (lighting or furniture) special that is […]

Specialist Lighting Manufacturers

If you are looking for specialist lighting manufacturers you have most certainly come to the right place. Not only do we design a top-notch range of spectacular  light fittings that will fit into any fashionable or traditional environment, but we are also able to supply and manufacture the kind of lights that will without question […]

Custom Built Steel Furniture

Are you looking for custom built steel furniture for your contemporary or classic décor or to fit into a range of interesting surroundings such as your home, office or commercial outfit? Steel furniture is usually bought “off the rack”, and more often than not is not quite suitable, unable to match the ambience or style […]

The very best in steel chair designs

If you are looking for the best steel dining chair designs, our extensive range will offer you choices that are timeless, hard-wearing and attractive. Our wide-ranging selection of steel dining chair designs will ensure that you have the top of the range for your home, board room, dining room or any other (more…)

Spoilt for Choice with steel coffee tables

You will be spoilt for choice when looking for the perfect coffee, because we offer not only the best range of steel coffee table designs this side of the Equator, but our designs are simply breath-taking. (more…)

Your Number One Lighting Supplier

You are building a new home, and therefore need the right lighting for the perfect atmosphere; alternatively, you have an old home and need to not only rewire the entire structure but would also like to replace the very tired, old, broken light fixtures and fittings. (more…)

Why buy local instead of imports?

For many people this is a question that they ask themselves over and over again. Why buy local when imports can be so much cheaper. (more…)

Lighting Suppliers for the Ultimate Finishing Touch

There are many ways to light up your world. Finding lighting suppliers that will offer you a one-stop-shopping experience is perhaps one of the most inspirational ways to change the way a room or home should look. (more…)

Ten Interesting Facts Regarding Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the primary source of lighting up any room, and is usually the first light that will be switched on when entering a room. During the day, ambient light usually filters through windows in addition to skylights. Good lighting can make or break the atmosphere of a room, so it pays to get […]

Snug Range furniture

We are extremely excited to launch our Snug Range.  Living in a plus size world can be very difficult especially when it comes to comfortable furniture.  Essential Design have designed a comfortable chair to accommodate larger / overweight people, no matter where you want to use it.  (more…)

Furniture for small spaces

Have you ever met the challenge of moving into a small apartment or house with little space.  Perhaps a small garden and confusion seems to be the only thing on your mind. Choosing the right items can make a big difference.  We often tend to clutter a room with lots of furniture.  Less may be […]


Downlights Lighting is very important and it gives interiors that perfect ambience and welcoming brightness. Downlights are hidden or on the ceiling.  The lights are installed in hollow openings in the ceiling.  Most rooms in the home require down lighting because they are discreet and more energy efficient. Downlights are chosen because they consume less […]