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Simple Range – Essential Design

Over the years Essential Design has come to realize that while bespoke lighting is beautiful, it tends to be very exclusive which is perfect for those clients looking for pieces that aren’t in every other home. The problem is that there are many people out there looking for something (lighting or furniture) special that is […]

The very best in steel chair designs

If you are looking for the best steel dining chair designs, our extensive range will offer you choices that are timeless, hard-wearing and attractive. Our wide-ranging selection of steel dining chair designs will ensure that you have the top of the range for your home, board room, dining room or any other (more…)

Why not have a Chandelier in your Bathroom?

Many desire their bathrooms to be turned into luxurious rooms where they can recharge, indulge or have a place to escape to.  Decorative lighting can make a major impact on both style and ambiance in the bathroom.  With so many style and location options, you are sure to have plenty of choices for your bathroom. […]

Chandeliers suit nearly any room in the house

A Chandelier in your garage might not be such a great idea but a chandelier brings the “WOW” factor to entryways, hallways, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms.  There are a few ways to determine what kind of chandelier will work in the room you are looking at.  You have to take into […]

Tall lamps

Essential Design have been involved in some unusual projects of late and have had a large influx in tall standing lamp orders. We have made a new lamp called the Laure Lamp and another called the Tripod Lamp. These are exquisite pieces which add a new aspect to your lighting options in the home. Essential […]

The importance of lighting

Why do we need lighting? Basic lighting is for those needing to see in times of dark. You then get into the world of lighting that is deigned for different purposes. Some of those purposes are for photography, mood lighting, product enhancement, parties etc It is very hard as a lighting manufacturer to cover all […]

Crystal Chandeliers

We are currently developing some new beautiful chandeliers heavily laden in crystals for those looking for something just a bit more glitzy. The material is wrought iron and will continue to compliment the high quality of handcrafted lighting that people have come to associate with Essential Design. The crystals are imported from the finest designers […]

Vereeniging Game Lodge Chandeliers

Vereeniging Project Essential Design is currently involved with a large lighting project in a Game Lodge based in Vereeniging, South Africa. Three Rivers Lodge has chosen our Georgia (medium) and Georgia (double tier) chandeliers.   They will be elegantly showcased in their guest suites as well as their conference rooms. The Georgia Chandelier is a […]

Mabula Lighting Project

Mabula Lighting Project   We have been involved in a very interesting refurbishment of the Mabula Lodge (Warm Baths) and have manufactured a number of different chandeliers and wall lights. The chandeliers have 13 bulbs and 4 Zulu Spears. The cone wall lights have 3 bulbs and stand 1500mm tall. Two spears are attached at […]

Spanish Pendant

Spanish Pendant This elegant chandelier make such a statement in any large space. The Spanish Pendant  is made by Essential Design near Durban. To see more of our lights, either pop into our factory or visit our show room in Hillcrest ‘Hannah Interiors’.  Essential Design produces lighting and Chandeliers of the finest quality and we custom manufacture […]

Princess Chandelier

Princess Chandelier This elegant chandelier make such a statement in any large space. The Princess Chandelier  is made by Essential Design in Mount Edgecombe, near Durban. To see more of our lights, either pop into our factory or visit our show room in Hillcrest ‘Hannah Interiors’.  Essential Design produces lighting of the finest quality and […]

Plantation wall bracket

Plantation wall bracket This light made by Essential design is perfect for the exterior of your home.  We specialise in interior lighting and exterior lighting, Our lights are made from mild steel and painted to suit your home using a variety of colours. Easily mounted on the wall