Custom Built Steel Furniture

Sun LoungerAre you looking for custom built steel furniture for your contemporary or classic décor or to fit into a range of interesting surroundings such as your home, office or commercial outfit? Steel furniture is usually bought “off the rack”, and more often than not is not quite suitable, unable to match the ambience or style of the environs you need to decorate.

If you find that steel furniture in general could look a little tacky and at the best of times not all that attractive, then we have just the thing for you.  We offer a broad spectrum of choices as we are able to create a wide range of custom built tables, chairs, servers and more to ensure your fittings are not only a long-lasting investment but really quite easy on the eye.

Steel is made to last forever. Because you only have to invest once, this will impact positively on your bottom line, especially if you are a start-up enterprise or a company that is frugal and watches every penny spent. At Essential Design it is no secret that we pride ourselves in manufacturing top quality furniture that caters to a plethora of décor styles and tastes, lasting a lifetime.

We offer an extensive variety of creations ranging from ultra-modern to classical. And don’t stop at offices and homes either – we custom build furniture for coffee shops, hotels, club houses, restaurants as well as a whole host of environments with finishes in a variety of colours and materials, plus our furniture can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Here are a couple of reasons why it makes sense to have your steel furniture custom made by us:

  • We service the public and private sector tailoring furniture to each one’s individual needs and requirements.
  • Because we have been manufacturing steel furniture and lighting since 1995, you are guaranteed a visually satisfying product.
  • Our furniture is long-lasting, and is made from the finest materials and finishes.
  • We don’t stop at furniture though – our range includes classy light fittings and balustrades of which we are enormously proud.

Should you be in the market for a couple of fine pieces of steel furniture or require your entire hotel, office or restaurant fitted, we are the leaders in custom made steel furniture, plus at Essential Design we are able to cater to individual needs and requirements.