Why buy local instead of imports?

For many people this is a question that they ask themselves over and over again.

Why buy local when imports can be so much cheaper.

There are a number of factors:

Imports put pressure on the economy in terms of unemployment and the balance of payments deficit. It may not seem like this affects you directly but in reality it does because eventually costs will rise across the board.

Cheap imports are cheap for a reason. They aren’t made to last and this means you will be replacing items every couple of years.

Imports mean that when something goes wrong, it can be extremely hard to get repaired or replaced and this effectively means wasted money.


Essential Design manufactures its products in Durban, South Africa.

We pride ourselves on the quality aspect as well as the before and after sales service.

Our huge range of lighting and furniture ensures that we can cater for most tastes.

The products are built to last so that you have no replacement costs for years to come.


Peruse our website and you are bound to find what you are looking for.

We offer chandeliers, internal and external wall lanterns, pendants, sconces, coffee tables, side tables, dining tables and many other décor items.