Your Number One Lighting Supplier

You are building a new home, and therefore need the right lighting for the perfect atmosphere; alternatively, you have an old home and need to not only rewire the entire structure but would also like to replace the very tired, old, broken light fixtures and fittings. Suffice to say, lighting can either make or break the décor of your home or office. It is therefore important to choose the kind of lighting that will enhance and not detract from the general look and feel of your place of work or your home. If you are unsure which light fixtures and fittings to settle for, Essential Design will leave you spoilt for choice , and should be not only be your obvious choice, but should be the first lighting supplier you go to for that special something to add to your room.

Depending on where the lighting is going to be – whether it is purely functional and needs to be bright for excellent visibility, or whether understated for a warm glow adding to the ambience of a building, home, room, garden or structure, we have that perfect fixture and fitting. The best part of all is that you will now be able to either go the elegant route, the understated route or choose something that will make a statement as soon as you enter a room. Suffice to say, lighting can either make or break the look of your décor.

A good example is our range of chandeliers which will never disappoint. Chandeliers were all the rage a couple of decades ago, but are making a strong come-back in today’s modern world. These masterpieces are unquestionable the epitome of elegance and class, and will always take a room to the very next level of finesse and class.

It makes little difference if your office or home is in Clarens, Caledon, Pofadder or Kimberley; our factory which is well-placed in Durban will be able to deliver to anywhere within the borders of South Africa.

Inside, outside, small or large; Essential Design as your lighting supplier should be the obvious route to choose.